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Why buy CBD oil from RECOVEREV?

Some people seem to believe that CBD is just a hype and that it doesn't actually work. Why? Most CBD brands buy their products from third parties, which means they buy it from someone like us (a manufacturer), put their label on it, and start selling it at ridiculously cheap prices.


What should you know before buying CBD?

When buying CBD look at the concentration, every brand should specify it, most CBD products on the market only contain between 5% and 15% cannabidiol oil (CBD) diluted with water or oil, so a 1000mg bottle at 5% CBD only contains 5mg of CBD...that is to say that you are throwing your money away and of course you will not feel ANYTHING.


How is RECOVEREV different from these brands?

Recoverev is 99.6% CBD, we do not dilute it with anything. It contains absolutely 0% THC, so you will not test positive for THC and of course it does not have any psychoactive effects, unlike many brands that contain small traces of 0.3%. It is manufactured with the best techniques and latest technology in the USA. If you buy our 1000mg dropper, you receive 1000mg of CBD as opposed to receiving only 5mg of CBD from a brand that carries only 5% concentration. This is why many people experience CBD for first time with these brands and believe that CBD really does not work.


The main benefit of RECOVEREV Premium CBD

Most CBD companies say their product is the best and fool people into thinking that it cures everything. What they don't tell you is that all CBD does is activate the CB1 receptor in our brain, which is responsible for transporting the nutrients that we consume in our food. As you get older, our CB1 receptor becomes less active and therefore does not fully transport all the necessary nutrients, making it very likely to suffer from diseases. CBD is there to help those receptors stay active and can prevent diseases. The human being has an endocannabinoid system, CBD reacts with these receptors in our body to obtain the benefits that you can read below, having said that each person will react differently to CBD, the only way to know what benefits you will feel is by trying it and experiencing CBD yourself.


Benefits of CBD for Health





Muscle relaxant (recover faster from exercise)

Reduces Pain

Improves Sleep


At Recoverev we believe in great experiences. That’s why we rigorously focus on product quality, transparency, and your well-being.

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